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Our company is reliable, and our work is trusted. We provide a worry-free service you can always count on. Whether it be for your personal computer or your business where downtime is a luxury no one can afford.

Business Consulting

Keep Your Business Up To Date

Almost all businesses have some form of internet need or network in which the business operates. When your business falls behind in the ever growing Technology world it can spell disaster for your computers and network security and reliability.

  • Running Ethernet cables from your networking equipment to designated outlets to provide a hardwired internet connection.
  • Installing server and setting up service provider to supply your business with internet.
  • Updated phone system installation provided over your network to provide a more reliable and customizable system.
  • Knowledge in multiple business management programs used daily by your company.
  • Access control system installation, with configuring of key cards with designated times where they can access the building.
  • Security cameras to keep your company safe while you’re away from your business, with 4k resolution and high definition audio.

Computer Repair

Fast Turn Around

Our team of expert Technicians promise to provide quality service and a fast transaction.

  • Expedient diagnosis of your computers issue to minimize the time between drop off and pick up
  • Need more storage? or computer not running the way you need it to? our experienced technicians can provide multiple options for you to help get the desired performance.
  • Looking to get a new computer but afraid of having to start all over again? Our technicians can help you get into that new computer and have the same files as your old one.

virus & malware removal

Protect Your Information

The internet can be a dangerous place. Full of viruses and malicious software trying to get your private information let us help you keep it safe.

  • Computers are a bit like cars, if you don’t get them serviced their performance will begin to decline and will begin to effect your computers security measures.
  • The internet can be a dangerous place to your computers safety, Trojan viruses and Malware can be hidden in websites and pop-ups and can sit in your computer undetected.
  • Use of our own specially designed application to remove unwanted programs that other protection programs won’t find.
  • Unwanted pop-ups or redirects to unsolicited websites constantly distracting you while using your computer.

screen repair

You Drop It We Fix It

Dropped your laptop and the screen is shattered? Computer powering on but not displaying?

  • A broken screen can turn a nice computer with all of your important documents and files into an expensive paper weight.
  • A replacement screen can be an expensive process and they are a delicate part. Our expert technicians are trained and skilled in this process to help minimize the risk to you of breaking a replacement screen.
  • maybe your screen isn’t broken but not displaying. We can reattach the delicate cables connected to your laptop or download the necessary files to get your computer back up and running¬†

Data Recovery

Recover Your Valuable Data

Hard Drive failure or your computer shuts down and you can’t access any of your data. Bring it in to us and we can recover your valuable information.

  • Upgrading to a new computer but want to keep your information. We can clone your old hard drive to the new one and you’ll be right where your computer left off.
  • Recovery of photos and files on your computer even after it’s stopped working.
  • Transfer of old files onto an external hard drive to access on your new computer
  • Is your Hard drive or External drive not showing up in file explorer?

web design

Upgrade Your Business

Starting a Business and need a good website to build off of. Or your Business is taking off and you need an updated website to keep your business growing.

  • Creation of a new logo for your Business or updating your current one. Adding a more modern look all around your company deserves.
  • Complete redesign of your website from top to bottom. A professional eCommerce web design is one of the most critical elements to your online business success.¬†
  • We’ll design your Business cards, today a professional business card will include one or more aspects of striking visual design.

Your Satisfaction is Job #1

Perfection in computer repair and virus removal is what every one of our Experts strive to achieve. All of our technicians are certified and continue to stay current in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology. Because of their commitment to excellence, we have the confidence to say you will be provided with the complete satisfaction you deserve.